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Two Tools to Help Make Your Site More Accessible

Last week, I had to pleasure of attending and briefly speaking at the first Philadelphia Front-End / UX Meetup at Indy Hall.

I spoke about two tools that I love to use as a part of my workflow to make sites that I work on more accessible: Wave Toolbar and Fangs. These are both for the Firefox browser, OS independent.

If you’re interested in looking through the slides, check them out in PDF form below:

Lightning Talk – Low Hanging Fruits

I’ll see you soon!

UX Bar Camp DC – Slides Posted

This weekend I had the pleasure of attending and presenting at UXCampDC. As promised, here are the slides from my talk: Does this Survey Suck? __Yes _x_ NO PDF: surveys Thanks to everyone for attending!

Make Your Surveys Not Suck for UX Projects

If the word “survey” makes you want to shudder, you’ve come to the right place. Building a survey that doesn’t suck for your UX research project is pretty tough. First of all, surveys are very tempting to use because they get you a lot of numbers and they verify your assumptions about your product. However,Continue Reading

Putting on Your User’s Metaphorical Shoes – Accessibility

Alexis* knew things were a little different as soon as she touched her computer. She just needed to do a simple task, using simple software that she’s been using for ages, and be able to use her screen reader to do so. She couldn’t. The software had just released a “newly improved” function, which leftContinue Reading