Front End Dev & UX Designer. Dancewear designer. Mouflon fan.


Jana in front of Santa Fe Mountains

Santa Fe is one of the most beautiful cities in the US!

Welcome, friend! First thing’s first, the name’s Jana. It doesn’t rhyme with much, but gets confused with Donna a whole lot. Most importantly, the “J” is soft and pronounced as the “Y” in yellow. I’m known for misquoting aphorisms and popular adages*, singing off key, creating memorable dances in the middle of my kitchen, and creating things. I love Front-End Development and UX! Making things usable for people is pretty gnarly. However, enough about that!

I became interested in the web back in high school when our class created a little e-business site in 1999. Mine was called JWOB or “Jana’s World of Beans.” If I can ever find that site in the Internet Archive, I’ll be sure to resurrect that masterpiece. Alternatively, it will remain in the deep dark annals of the Internet. I think I used tables to arrange things and frames because I thought they were the future of the interwebs.

In college, I majored in History, dabbled in Business Management, and worked at the university Help Desk. It wasn’t until after college when my love for creating for the web was resurrected (unlike my high school project.)

Then, some time in 2012, thanks to Girl Develop It, I began work on more serious projects. Currently, I work as a front-end developer at WebLinc. In the past, I’ve also had the pleasure of working at AWeber.

Would you like to know more? Shoot me a note! I’d love to talk.

Currently, I’m living in Philadelphia with my husband and smelly cuddly dog. In case you are ever curious of what my dog sounds like in my head, here it is:
Smoula’s Thoughts